Tuesday, 5 August 2008

German History Museum and a visit to Historical city of Potsdam

November 2007, Berlin & Potsdam Germany

Turkish Tent

The End of Tyrany

Hitler's visit to France

Some memorial of Nazi's Brutality

Memorial, a place where thousand of people were forced to gather
later were killed by gas.

Memorial photos of Some victims

Archealogical excavation at Postadam

Graves of Nine Dogs of Frederick the great

Berlin Wall 1961-1989

Memorial some peices of Berlin Wall

Humboldt University ,Berlin

Behind Berlin Tv tower

Brandenburg gate

Frari in just 156.000,oo Euros

Berlin Olympic Museum

Holocast Memorial

Grave of Frederick the Great

Hazri at Fredrick's Mazar

Sans-souci Palace

Sans Souci palace

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