Saturday, 9 August 2008

Mera Pakistan "The Proud of Pakistan" Chand Meri Zamin Phool Mera watan

Pakistani Map

National FLAG

A winter view of Northern Areas of Pakistan

The Karakoram Highway - A road Link between China and Pakistan

Groom and Bridegroom - A Wedding in Pakistan

Our Faith - A blessing to Mankind

A view of Northern Areas of Pakistan

The Mountains of Koh-e-Karakoram

Sawat and Kallam - Northern Areas of Pakistan

Azad Jammu & Kashmir

The Hunza Valley

The Famous Satpara Lake

Passion to Win (Neza Bazi)

Delicious Foods

Sports Man of the Year - Pride of Pakistan: Imran Khan winner of 1992 World Cup

K2 - World's 2nd Largest Mountain

A Foggy Morning

The Salt Bricks of a Mosque at World's 2nd Largest Salt Mine

The Salt Mosque at Khewara Salt Mines


Strong Traditions to Help

Unity is our Faith

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Building - Mallam Jabba - Pakistan
Unfortunately in Last two months , this hotel is completely burnt by Talibans

Sculpture of Lord Budha - National Museum Lahore, Pakistan

A Picture of Old Lahore

Tomb of Bi Bi Jalwandi (A Women Few Centuries Back) - Sind, Pakistan

A Sculpture of Mary (Hazrat Mariam Alaysallam) at Local School

Famous University of the Punjab - Lahore, Pakistan

The Famous Badshahi Mosque - Lahore Pakistan (Built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan)

A View of Minar-e-Pakistan from Badshahi Mosque

Noor Palace - Bahawalpur

Masjid Wazir Khan

The Great Faisal Mosque - Islamabad

A Night View of Islamabad - Capital of Pakistan

The Clock Tower of Faisal Abad - The Waiving Capital of Pakistan

Tomb of the Founder (Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah) of Pakistan - Karachi

St. Patrick's Church Karachi (Was built in 1845 with by the Goans)

National Flower Of Pakistan

National Bird of Pakistan - Chukar Partridge-(kadalkakka)

National Animal of Pakistan - Markhor


Fahad Fazal Elahi said...

please change the pakistan map with the other map which will show Kashmir as part of pakistan... this map is not showing kashmir as part of pakistan

Mikey said...

This is really a lovely site. I'm living in Abu Dhabi and was considering visiting as a tourist, and this sounds really great. I'm American, so the visa process might be difficult, but if it worrks out, I hope to see some of the same sights: very nice!