Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Nobel Museum, Vasa Museum Sweden and a visit to Latvia.

June 2008

A visit to Riga ,Latvia after 1995 , when i came first here to study, Now every thing is changed
and Riga is much famous for its Sex turism then any thing else. Many latvian hold Ryan air responsible for its very cheap fare and acces to Riga.

Riga tech Univeristy

The hostel room at Indriku street where i lived in 1995.

Nobel Museum in Stockholm , wehere i was happy to find some information baout DR.Abdus Salam, the only PRize winne from Pakistan.

The fellow nobel Prize winner of Dr. Abdu Salam Sahib

Dr. Salam's Benquet speach to at reception.

The famous Vasa Museum , photo of Vasa ship 1623 thats was recovered from water after 333 yers

It was very Nice to see Euro cup's Semi Final between Turkey and Spain on abig screen by channel 4

From here you can Vasa Museum and also accest it by Boat too.

Nera Old stock holm , from here you can see cream hill.

From here you can take Sight seen tour to Sctokholm , a wonder full experienc.

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